The 35 Useful Social Media Posts Q1, 2010

1. The ULTIMATE list of 29 top tools for competitive intelligence
2. The 39 Tools I (Jay Baer) Will Use Today
3. 11 free tools for social media optimization
4. 5 online tools making social media easier in 2010
5. 10 essential design tools for social media pros
6. The one-stop social media toolkit shop
7. The top 10 re-tweet measurement tools
8. 9 tools that will help you livestream your newsroom
9. A list of social media management systems
10. 20 Free Social Media Tools To Help Find Your Brand’s Social Media Mentions

11. How To Write Media Releases That Google Will Love / Get Page Rank
12. Designing a Social Web Marketing and PR Strategy
13. PR crisis management in the ‘Twitter Age’
14. Blogger relations: 5 tips to hone your approach
15. The PR 2.0 Checklist

16. 12 things to do before launching your Blog
17. The Key Traits Of A Successful Blog / Blogger
18. 10 tips for making your Blog posts more
19. 22 Linkbait Headlines That Almost Every Blogger Can Use
20. 10 Ways To Get More Blog Comments

Content / Interaction
21. Planning a content strategy
22. 5 easy steps to creating reusable social media content
23. How to write for search engines without knowing SEO
24. 5 ‘unorthodox’ ways of fixing your social media
25. The anatomy of fruitful online conversation(s)

General / Other
26. How to use (advanced) for spying, link building and happiness
27. 10 great tools to create a mobile version of your site
28. 4 simple ways to integrate analytics into your daily marketing efforts
29. How to manage your online reputation
30. Social Media’s top ‘how to’ blogs
31. Understanding the participatory news consumer (PEW study)
32. Justin Timberlake and the art of presenting well
33. 7 online video tips every B2B marketer should know
34. Simon Mainwaring’s Top Ten Trends for 2010
35. Einstein’s guide to social media

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