About Steve Barnes

15+ years of sales & marketing leadership experience. As the former Vice President of Sales Marketing at Nokia Mobile Phones, I led a team of 115 people, increased annual revenue from $529 million to $4.7 billion and built one of the first online communities in the wireless industry. I specialize in using innovation, customer dialogue, and brand advocacy to grow the bottom line.

After completing a master’s degree at London Business School, UK in 2008, I seized the chance to lead the turnaround for a small business start-up. The company reached positive cash flow in 5 months, break-even in 12 months and increased gross revenue 420% in 15 months.

Career Achievements:

Member of leadership team that grew Nokia’s US market share from 1% to 44% in 10 years. Designed and implemented “industry-first” strategies, which grew the business 9-fold in less than 5 years.

Launched one of the first online communities in the wireless industry. Built niche community using an online and mobile platform to connect sales associates in an engaging loyalty program. Captured #1 share of sales associate recommendations.

Increased Nokia’s total brand awareness 5-fold to 92% and spontaneous awareness 7-fold to 55%. Ranked 5th most valuable brand by Interbrand. Ranked 1st non-US brand.

Served as a Member of the US Management Board. Tripled market share from 14% to 44% in less than 5 years. Doubled revenue, profits, and unit volume every year for over 3 years.

Sports Marketing – World Cup:










Sports Marketing – Sugar Bowl: 












Music Marketing – Stadium Concert Tours






















London Business School, MSc Sloan Fellowship

Steve-Barnes-London-Business-SchoolOne of less than 200 people globally awarded a Sloan Fellowship in 2008, a Masters Degree inLeadership and Strategy designed solely for proven senior executives and taught exclusively at MIT, Stanford and London Business School.

University of Texas, BBA Marketing

Random Facts:

I’m a native of California and grew up with my mother and two sisters. I’ve always had a fascination for exploring the unknown and I was determined to find new ways to get things Steve-Barnesdone. As a kid, this wasn’t always a great idea… like the time I went into the sewer at age 5 to find a new path to the hidden treasure. Brilliant I know, but luckily I survived those early years and kept the same fascination. As I grew older, this quirky fascination became a full-on passion for innovation.

I’ve been involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters for many years and in a variety of ways. I grew up without a father so I understand what these kids are going through. I was 7 yrs. old when my first Big Brother took me to a baseball game. It’s amazing how just a little thoughtful guidance can make all the difference in the world. We all need mentors; I’m convinced that mentoring establishes a cycle of learning, for both the mentor and mentee. Check out Big Brothers Big Sisters for more information.

Steve Barnes Dog - LucyOne of my great sources of inspiration and joy is my funny little girl, a golden-doodle named Lucy. In my mind, dogs are the Bone-A-Fide champions at using authenticity, openness and passion to build relationships.

In my free time I like to stay active by engaging in sports, biking and lifting weights.  I love to cook; my most well-known dishes are rack of lamb, seared pepper tuna and grilled steak with rosemary new potatoes.

Steve Barnes | Alisa MerrittMy fiancée Alisa and I live in the Dallas, Texas area. Alisa is an accomplished entrepreneur. We enjoy traveling and the outdoors. Anything on a lake, river or ocean surrounded by beautiful landscape… and it’s on!


Love, growth, friendship, achievement, connection, laughter, fun and impact. 

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3 Responses to About Steve Barnes

  1. John Lowery says:


    I have something I want to share with you. When you have a free moment, call me at 760-845-9218.

  2. I am so happy I found your blog. This discovery is right on time!! Your information here is priceless! Great bio too. Thanks for sharing! Gloria

  3. Sorry to bother you but you look like a Steve Barnes I knew in Clearwater, Florida. Any relation?


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