5 Responses to Foursquare Paying Off for Businesses

  1. linda says:

    It’s very exciting to see Foursquare do what a lot of people think is impossible, which is service local businesses with the internet. On their twitter page: http://twitter.com/foursquare they just announced that they’re getting 100 signups by venues per hour to create specials.

    I’d say they’ve basically proven the model, or are at least on their way.

  2. Chis McConnon says:

    For FourSquare to succeed in its business model it needs to have a userbase of everybody. 1 million users on a social network won’t impress any small business. I don’t believe FourSquare can reach that because most users on the internet are ‘silent’. FourSquare needs a passive use case like Twitter or Yelp has. I don’t tweet but I sure do read them. I don’t write yelp reviews but I consume them. That’s 90% of the userbase of both those sites. Foursquare is dependent on everyone being an active user. This is why it will fail.

  3. James says:

    I think that at some point soon merchants are going to recognize the immense potential of Foursquare and start using it in all kinds of creative ways. This kind of application has the power to help revitalize downtown business districts–drawing folks back to patronizing their local, independently owned shops and restaurants and infusing them with new energy and excitement.

  4. taj says:

    I don’t think the issue is whether people will use (they will once Facebook gets involved), rather the issue is whether businesses will adopt it and use it intelligently. It doesn’t matter how many users are on Foursquare or what their growth is, if there’s no incentive for people to use it, people won’t.

    People need to stop the “is Foursquare the next Twitter” chatter and stop gushing over growth in users and start concentrating on educating businesses.

    • Steve Barnes says:

      Taj Agreed. Businesses need to strike while the iron is hot, especially since there is so much growth. They can utilize Foursquare’s rapid adoption to their advantage and gain new customers and build their brand. It’ll be interesting to see how/when businesses will do with this….

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