Fort Worth is Coming of Age

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Finally, a Fort Worth limo service company has arrived with professionalism and class to spare in a city that deserves the best. Fort Worth, TX is an amazing city and deserves all its recent acclaim. Over the years, Fort Worth has had the following nicknames: Cowtown, Queen City of the Prairie, “Where the West Begins,” and Hell’s Half Acre. Building on its frontier heritage and a history of strong local arts patronage, Fort Worth has, in recent years, begun promoting itself as the “City of Cowboys and Culture”. Fort Worth has the world’s largest indoor rodeo and multiple museums throughout the city. Fort Worth’s downtown has the Sundance Square, named after the infamous Sundance Kid.

Fort Worth has incredible restaurants, concerts on the square and great shows at Bass Hall. The Sundance Square is a 16-block entertainment center for the city. So Fort Worth is a great place to go out on the town in a beautiful stretch limousine by Mercedes Limo Service in Fort Worth. They have consistently met the needs of all of our guests, and we know that they will do the same for you during your Limo service charter in Fort Worth. When you have a question or request they respond with “It would be our pleasure”. If you’re in Fort Worth and searching for a limousine company to provide you with the finest professional ground transportation and the finest fleet of limos in Fort Worth for all types of special events look no further than Mercedes Limousine Service.

Looking for a fantastic way to see and experience all of the greatest sites of Downtown Fort Worth? Then Mercedes Limo Service is the place you’ve been looking for! Join us for an exciting and efficient way to visit this beloved city and all it’s little wonders. You will be thrilled that you did. We were. :)

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Traveling Southlake Texas in Style

Limo Southlake Town Center1Southlake Texas has been ranked as the richest zip code in the United States with a population between 10,000-25,000 people. Five years ago, named Southlake the most affluent neighborhood in the country. In the middle of it all is Southlake Town Square.

This little gem has grown to become a shopping mecca for the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex region and is known all over North Texas for its high-end boutiques and fine dining, centered by Southlake’s Town Hall.

Dallas Limo Services is the premier limousine company in Southlake TX offering exquisite limousine transportation to anywhere in North Texas and beyond. Whether you need a Southlake prom limo, graduation limousine, wedding limousines, concert limo or a Southlake limousine for sporting events in Dallas or Arlington including the Cowboy’s, Mavs, Stars or Texas Rangers we have you covered. Our Southlake limo services are best in class and promise to exceed your expectations for luxury ground transportation in Southlake to anywhere in Dallas Fort Worth. We will send a well-trained and impeccably mannered chauffeur to pick you up from the anywhere you choose. You will be treated like royalty and will love the care and attention that will be given to you from the moment your chauffeur greets you. You will not need to worry about anything when you are with us. Get ready for the most luxurious drives of your life. You can give us a call at anytime of the day and we will be there at your disposal.

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How Inspired Leaders Exploit the Digital Power Shift

Leadership | Steve Barnes | Social MediaAs digital technology and social media reshape our lives there is an unprecedented opportunity for business leaders to harness and unleash the forces of attraction and influence, but if you’re a leader adopting these technologies at your company, don’t get infatuated with all of the new tech toys.

The real opportunity lies in successfully navigating your company through the turbulent waters of change.

Never before, have people had access to so much knowledge and it’s the ubiquity of this information that has forever changed how brand preferences are formed.

This new level of information access and customer engagement requires a fundamental change in company culture and that type of transformational change must come from the top. Continue reading

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Social Media ROI – Show me the Money!

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Social Media ROI | Steve Barnes | MarketingThere is little doubt now that social media is a necessary piece of any corporate marketing mix. The bigger question these days seems to be “how do we monetize social media?” Real examples of a financial Return on Investment (ROI) from social media marketing programs are rare. Unfortunately for most e-commerce teams, having a huge flock of followers often doesn’t translate into revenue.

For C-Level management to take your social media efforts seriously, you need to validate a direct tangible impact that either reduces costs (e.g. reduced customer service calls) or increases sales. At the moment, most social media initiatives are doing neither. Continue reading

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I Quit! No Buzz No Biz: Social Media

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Social Media | Steve Barnes | Marketing | Social NetworkingIt’s not working. You’ve setup a Facebook Fan Page, a LinkedIn profile, a You Tube account, a Twitter account and a Corporate blog but nothing tangible is happening.  

Where’s the Buzz? Where are the fans, friends, followers, comments, links, traffic, search engine rankings? Where’s the customer engagement?  You’ve heard all the hype, but where are the real benefits for your company and your customers?

You have worked hard. You decided to show up to the game but, as you soon found out, showing up doesn’t mean you will gain an audience.

If you’re like most businesses, you’ll have a challenge attracting new customers and growing your social network. Don’t give up. Here are 9 tips to help you generate the buzz you need.   Continue reading

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Artificial Intelligence Driving Social Media Analytics

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Social Media Analytics | Steve Barnes | Social Networking

It’s abundantly clear that social media provides a rich source a data on user sentiment and that companies ought to be able to exploit it. Not just to sharpen their marketing, but also to improve their products and services – potentially, the ultimate source of customer views and a crowd-sourced suggestion box.

But the challenge is how to make sense of the vast amount of information, find meaningful patterns and use it as guide for action. The digital tools for social media monitoring and analysis, analysts say, are still primitive. The current ones focus mainly on so-called sentiment analysis, giving companies a broad-brush approval rating at best. Continue reading

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6 Tactics to Leverage Social Media WOM

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Social Media | Steve Barnes | WOM Marketing | Social NetworkingThe marketing world has long known that word-of-mouth is the most effective form of advertising, and social networking is the ultimate in word-of-mouth promotion.

Companies aren’t trusted, brands aren’t trusted, and nor are your executives. People trust each other, and now they have the tools to communicate with each other using social technologies and mobile with or without brands involved.

In the distant past, products and services were associated with people rather than with organizations. The qualities and values brought to the marketplace by individuals — tradesmen, shopkeepers, builders, tavern owners –  were as much personal attributes as they were professional ones. One of the most fascinating aspects of the digital media revolution is the way in which the empowerment of the individual is changing the very concept of brand. Continue reading

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Tribal, Viral, Mobile – Your Future?

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Mobile Marketing | Steve Barnes | Social Media MarketingThere is a lot of discussion about how social media will play out from a mobile perspective, and how marketers in particular can monetize and leverage social media for real revenues and brand influence in the future.

There are those, such as Umair Haque from Harvard Business Review Blog, that believe social media in its current form is a bubble with very little in the way of real income – in effect creating relationships that are not as robust as others would have you believe.

Continue reading

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